Timesheet as Journal Entry

Create journal entries based on timesheet when validating timesheet

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              ODOO BEHAVIOR

              Time-sheet and bookkeeping are not related. You can have an overview of a project to know your time-sheet cost but it's different object and never consolidated.

              When you close a time-sheet, you can post this time-sheet on the Time-sheet journal in order to have the cost repartition of each employee properly ventilate on each analytic account as given on the time-sheet.

              This module ensures the cost ventilation by analytic account in your general ledger and so the possibility to get the variable cost margin of your analytic account/project. Then your general ledger becomes a full controlling engine in addition of a bookkeeping engine

              BUSINESS CASE
              To manage project, you need to have your chart of analytic account to analyze your project at the top level then go down in the analysis by sub-level of the project.
              Installation : project with advanced finance and controlling requirements.
              Recommendation / Best practice :
            1. on the configuration of the employee time-sheet hourly cost, you can decide to put the real or the average company cost for this position. We recommend to put the company cost (ex: social insurance included).
            2. we recommend to record the leave on the time-sheet and on the general ledger. In advanced configuration, it can be used also to compute the provision at every closing.
            3. HOW TO USE THIS MODULE ?


              On Timesheet → Configuration → Timesheet Journal, we can create a journal specifically for timesheet by checking the Timesheet Journal checkbox


               User: Administrator 
               - Set the manager on employee.
               - In HR Settings, set the product.\
              - Set timesheet cost


              Employee creates a Timesheet and then ask approval from the Manager. 
              Manager approves the Timesheet and fill in the journal. Then Click "Post Journal Entries".


              Journal Entry for the Timesheet