Compensatory Time Off Allocation

Automate task of allocating compensatory time-off from payslip

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: V13
Environment: Enterprise

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Odoo's Payroll is a convenient tool to process work entries and create payslips for employees. However, Odoo has not developed a feature to for companies with compensatory time-off policy. The process of allocating time-off in recognition of overtime has to be done manually.


Cluedoo adds additional feature to automate task of allocating compensatory time-off from payslip.


To be installed in 100% for companies with compensatory time-off policy.


​Key set-up
Step 1: Configure rule for compensatory time-off
1. On Payroll/Configuration/Rules, create a new rule.
2. Fill out rule name
3. Choose Category: Basic
4. Rules' code needs to be unique
5. Fill out sequence to define rules placement on payslip.
6. Choose salary structure
7. Check "Compensatory Time Off" checkbox

8. Conditions: To decide condition for rule to appears on Payslip
Example of condition: 
- Condition Based on: Python Expression
- Python condition:
result = worked_days.WORK300 and worked_days.WORK300.number_of_days or False 
#Rule only appears on payslip when there is entry type of Extra Hour and/or number of days of Extra Hours is set

9. Computation:
Please note that quantity of Compensatory Time-off allocation equals quantity of rule on Salary Computation tab of Payslip.
Example of configuration:
- Amount type: Python Code
- Python Code:
result_qty = worked_days.WORK300.number_of_days #Set quantity of rule = number of days of Extra Hours entry type on Worked Days & Inputs tab of Payslip
result_rate =100.00 #Set ratio of rule
result = 0 #Set amount of rule
10. Save

Step 2: Set up Time-off type for allocation
1. Go to Time-off/ Configuration/ Time Off Type, click on intended time-off type.
2. Check "Is Compensatory Time Off" checkbox
Note: If there are more than one Time Off Types set as Compensatory Time Off, system will pick the first one on list.
3. Save


Register work entries and generate payslip
1. Go to Payroll/ Work Entries/ Work Entries
2. Register work entries
For example: Employee Anita Oliver worked 04 hours of Extra Hours on Aug 5th
3. Click on "Generate payslips" button to generate payslip of all employees for the current period.


1. A batch of payslip was generated, click on smart button to open payslip list and chooose payslip of Anita Oliver

2. On Worked Days & Inputs tab, the Number of Days of Extra Hours was record. This is Odoo Standard.