Product extra field & features: in stock, generic, copy behavior

Extra (independant) features on products: split storeable product between the one In Stock and Not In Stock, get generic products where the description is transferred via the routes, get more copied fields via the copy product feature.

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    Product is the foundation of your Odoo database, and includes a lot of properties, options, flexibility in Odoo.  

    With using experience, some standard options are missing in Odoo Standard and covered by Cluedoo.


    This module covered all the extra fileds proposed by Cluedoo on the product template.

    Feature 1: In Stock

    In Stock property allows to organize your storable products between storable products tracked in stock and storable products not tracked in stock. Indeed, in a lot of companies - and especially in factories - only one part of the storable products are tracked in stock. Other parts are directly delivery in & consumed or produced & delivery out without going into the stock, or are in the master data for info but not tracked into the stock. 

    Feature 2: Generic Product

    Odoo does not consider the notion of generic product, ie a product which gives a name, a product category and a ledger account but nothing more - not price, not technical properties,... because it does not correspond to an exact and fully defined product with technical properties.

    Cluedoo proposes the notion of generic product in order to properly organize your database between fully defined products, which corresponds to an existing product, and generic products, which corresponds to a family / a kind of products.

    Feature 3: Copy Product => Some extra fields are copied when you duplicate a product.


    Extra feature in product to have more flexibility to manage your product master data.


    You are a trading company project oriented: your customers ask you one-shot products (standard or taylor-made). You have to find the good supplier - good price - good planning.

    You will use generic products to avoid to create an exploding product database and keep your master data easy to manage. The product will define the general idea of your product on your sales order (like Goodies) and all the technical properties will be given on the description directly. It's the principle of the generic product, which only gives the key info - product category, and so related ledger account - and not everything.

    Moreover, a key feature of generic product will be to get the sales order line description on your purchase order line in the route "Make to order - Buy" in order to keep all the technical info and send it to your supplier. Indeed, information does not come from the product, which is generic but comes from the sales order line.


    Installed on 100% of the databases.

    Generic product is also strongly recommended for all the companies on the general & administration expenses. Indeed, you will not fully and exactly define all the services/stuff you will purchase for your company. You just choose a generic product "Office Marketing Services" and write the details in the description.

    Cluedoo best practice for generic product is to create a generic product for each product category by default. Like that, you have the possibility to select

    In Stock products is useful for all the companies with storable products, just to ask the question to stock keeper "Do we keep in stock this storable product or not?". Typically, for companies with finished product including a lot of variant, there are often 2 000 products In Stock for 2 000 000 product variants in the catalog, and so storable. And for sure, you do not want to track your warehouse for 2 000 000 products but only for the 2 000 products really active in your stock. 


    Generic Product Checkbox


    On product, we have generic product checkbox.


    Create a sale order with generic product (with route MTO and Buy), then change the description on order line


    In RFQ, the product description will automatically follow the order line product description. If the generic product is not checked, the product description will remain the same as the product.

    "Is Stock" Checkbox


    Check the "Is Stock Product" for storable product.


    If "Is Stock Product" is checked, we can filter the product using "In Stock Product filter"


    In product list view, it will show the column of Incoming and Outgoing.