Product Hierarchical View by Product Category

View product category structure on Sales and on Accounting

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    Odoo does not give any default product category structure. So, when you begin to use Odoo, you know there is some category to give - but not mandatory, and it's not obvious to guess the power of this dimensions - one of the main dimension of the whole system - and how to manage it for your own company.

    Cluedoo BEHAVIOR

    We provide a template in order for you to have a clean departure point to begin your integration. This template is split in 2 categories:

    • Business categories: for the top part of the tree which is Business, it directly depends on your business and your activities, with the target to have a natural approach at the last node. So, we have to let open with part of the tree.

    • Company categories: for the down part of the tree, we propose a generic approach which should cover 80% of your needs in terms of department, overhead costs, ... You will have to improve this one step by step, but instead of beginning from nothing, you begin with a structure approved and validated by customers.

    MODULE +

    Give the possibility to solve the problem of product category structure in one click and to give a nice template for the customer in his future improvement of the product category structure.

    • Installation: recommended on 80% of the database, the remaining 20% having already a nice and mature structure.

    • Best practice: the consulting hours (min 2h) required to discuss and propose the organization of your product category structure on the Business side are very added value for your whole project.


    View Product Category Structure on Inventory


    Step 1

    Go to Inventory → Configuration → Products → Product categories

    Create Product Categories on Inventory Module and select the Category Type


    Step 2

    View Product Category Structure on Inventory