Lock Email Template

Give configurable options to prevent sending an email template

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    Odoo gives a powerfull messaging engine, which gives the possibility to send manual and automatic emails from Odoo, which is great, but do not give configuration options in order for the customer to decide which email can be sent to who.

    This lack of control implied that Odoo messaging users are always afraid to which email/info the system will send out to the customers/suppliers.


    Cluedoo add configuration on the email template and automatic emails in order to give the choice to the customer and not let the system decides how you will communicate with 3rd party, like customer and supplier.

    And by default, Cluedoo lock all the automatic emails in order for you to have time to learn how the system work before playing with automatic emails.

    Moreover, after activation of emails (template or automatic emails), all the emails sent out are recorded into the history of the messaging

    MODULE +

    Give the control of Odoo messaging to the customer (and not to the system).


    To be installed on 100% of the databases.


    Option to Block The Possibility to Send Out and Email Template


    Go to Setting → Technical → (Email) Template.

    Open the email template, go to tab “Advanced Settings”, and tick the checkbox “Can send?”.

    Note : 

    1) if “Can send?” is checked for an email template, automatic email will be sent out when using Odoo messaging (condition: apply the email template). 

    2) If "Can send?" is unchecked, automatic email will be blocked when using Odoo messaging (condition: apply the email template).


    Example: Open Sales → Orders → Quotations, create a new Quotation and click Send By Email.

    If select the email template preconfigured with "Can send?" is True, the email will be shown on the messaging.
    If "Can send?" is unchecked, automatic email will be blocked to the default recipients in the loop and it will not be shown on the messaging.