Controlling Dashboard

Dashboard to get an overview of all the transactions related to an analytic account with key KPIs and navigation to details

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    Fast & Easy way to control your projects

    Together with Project Budget module, Controlling Dashboard help you to manage and control your project effectively !

    Story behind the feature

    Odoo proposes an advanced analytic account engine but does not propose a controlling dashboard making the link between all the objects connected to this analytic account


     Cluedoo proposes a Controlling dashboard with:

    - Info from all the objects related to your analytic account: : sales order, customer invoice, purchase order, vendor bill, mission expense, timesheet, general ledger, production, stock, budget.
    - Key performance indicators of your analytic account.
    - Easy navigation from the controlling dashboard to any apps with predefined filter to analyze details behind data.


    MODULE +
    The key topics of controller is to get data from all the departments, check the consistency of these data and communicate with everybody to get information, transfer information, and give reports when it's required. Controlling dashboard is the key tool of controller to do their job.
    Controlling dashboard can be used at several levels:
    - Basic: you get realized figure for each analytic account.
    - Advanced: by making an analytic account structure and analytic account budget, you can track forecast vs accrual at any level you want, from the macro point of view on the root project to the details of each specific analytic account.

    Our features as solution

    Dashboard View of project 

    Provide a general view on project/ Easy to see 

    Messaging feature on dashboard

    Double click an icon to replace it with one of your choice.

    Parent- Child Project Navigation

    All these icons are completely free for commercial use.

    View in Company Currency or IFRS Currency


    How to use this module ?



    Controlling -> Dashboard-> Click on a project 

    You will have a dashboard view of project, which will help you to know:

    • The number of hour spent for this project and its cost (From Time-sheet)

    • The total expense for this project (From Expense)

    • Total Sales Order for this project (from Sales): how much did you invoice

    Controlling -> Dashboard-> Click on a project 

    If you already created a budget for this project with Project Budget Module and fill in T0, you can see another column showing the budget for item.