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Odoo Implementation

As an Odoo Gold Partner in France, China, and Indonesia with over thirteen years of experience in outsourced financial services, IT systems and business intelligence, Cluedoo is the right choice as your company's Odoo implementor.

Here's how a quick-start Odoo implementation could look in your business.

Phase I

In the first phase, the focus is on a fast and smooth implementation.

To support the initial system change, we strongly recommend sticking to Odoo Standard for certain process modules (Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, etc.) and limiting any specific adaptation only to severe locking poins

Bear in mind that Odoo can already be improved in many areas owing to a wide range of Falinwa Cluedoo modules. 

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Phase II

In the second phase , the full scope of the project is implemented.

Here is when specific and dedicated adaptations are brought into play. For example, within the Manufacturing module, time and resource is needed to create products and the bill of materials related to your company's individual requirements.

Owing to this process, after the integration is complete, your business is intricately falmiliar with the Odoo system, enabling you to quickly counter learning curves and move into phase three.

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Phase III

The final phase redefines necessary business procedures.

Recommendations come from a combination of our team's expertise and your company-specific knowledge.

These could range from selecting hardware for manufacturing management, to configuring pay slips or setting automatic overtime rules. What ever your chosen best practice may be, Falinwa will support you.

We also make sure the IT hardware, servers, and data is properly managed, helping you to remove or enhance legacy processes from previous or parallel systems.

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