Propagate a New Attribute Value on All Product/Product Category that Has The Attribute

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    Propagate a new attribute values on all products


    Create an attribute : Inventory-> Configuration-> Attributes

    Ex: There is an attribute Origin with 4 attribute values : American, France, Vietnam, Lebanon.

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    Create new products with the created attribute.

    Ex: Create products Table, Chair. Choose Origin as an attribute. Then 4 attributes values will be appeared automatically in the Variants sheet.

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    When you want to add a new attribute value for some/ all products having that attribute: Go to Inventory-> Attribute-> add a new attribute value-> click on Propagate attribute-> Choose the products.

    Ex: I want to add a new attribute value "Germany" on attribute Origin for products Table, Chair. 

    Just go to Inventory-> Attribute-> "Origin"->add a new attribute value "Germany"-> click on Propagate attribute-> Choose the Chair; Table-> click on Propagate attribute. 

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    The new attribute value  is automatically appeared on variant sheets of the chosen products.

    Ex: The new attribute value " Germany" is automatically appeared on variant sheets of the product Table, Chair

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