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    Story behind the features

    odoo behavior

    In Odoo, when you change the product in the sales order line, it will overwrite all the information you already manually write in your sales order line.


    After recording your sales order line, if you want to adjust the product choice, it will not overwrite all the other fields.

    module +

    Avoid to have to rewrite manually filled fields and avoid mistakes.


    This module is for company which are working on quite Tailor-made product for which a lot of info is given on the sales order line directly. For instance, for a service company, you gives the details of your intervention in the sales order line description and with a specific price for such an intervention. This field can be even more important than the product itself which is a generic product. So you want to have the possibility to change your product without overwritten all these key info.

    cluedoo recommendation

    Installation: ONLY for company which proposes Tailor-made products/services for which description and price cannot be written on a pre-defined product.

    Recommendation / Best practice: proerly test this module to be sure that it's added value for your business. It prevents to overwrite information but the counterpart is that it does not update anymore the info. To be properly used.

    Our features as solution

    Give details for sales order line description
    and keep these information when change the product

    How to use this module ?


    Go to Sales > Orders – Create new sales orders. Add Product and fill in the description.


    Change the product and the description will remain the same.