Attribute Management on Product Category

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    As for other product templates properties, give the possibility to define attribute shared by all the product of a category directly on the product category. Strongly simplify the attribute management if your master data as such an organization.

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    Odoo proposes to manage attribute at the product template only, which is enough for simple database but which is very heavy to create then to manage when you have a lot of attribute dimensions and/or a lot of choices.
    Cluedoo gives the flexibility to manage your attributes directly at the product category level and to propagate them from the product category. 
    If your master data has this notion of "All the product template of a product category shares the same attribute and the same attribute values", it strongly simplify the management of Attribute which is certainly the most complex master data dimension to manage in Odoo standard.
    Best practice is in two directions:
    1. If your master data is organized in this way, do not hesitate to use this module in order to save time.
    2. During the organization of your master data, challenge your product categories tree in order to be able to drive a maximum of properties directly at this level and not at the product template level, which is a low level: if by adding some extra product category, you can ensure attribute management at product category level, you will save time to set-up and to maintain your master data. 



    There will be an additional part named Variant when you create a new product category.In this Variant part, you could create attributes and values  for that product category. Click " Apply to product template".

    EX : Create a product category " Bed" with 2 attributes : wood and metal. w1 and w2 are values for attribute wood while M1, M2,M3 are values for attribute metal. Then click on green line "Apply to product template".

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    A product will be inherited  all attributes and values from the related product category.

    EX: Product  " Luxury Bed 2020" will be got all attributes and values from category " Bed" when you choose Bed as the category for this product.

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