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    Our features as solution


    Create hourly cost component and Hourly Cost 

    Create work center and add hourly cost

    Create routings

     Create hourly cost preview in Bill of Materials

    How to use this module ?


    Go to Manufacturing -> Configuration -> Hourly cost component. Create hourly cost component


    Go to Configuration > Hourly Cost > Create hourly cost, select hourly cost component, and set the amount (50)


    Go to Master Data -> Work Centers -> Create work center and add hourly cost


    Go to Routings, on Work Center Operations tab, set routing duration


    Set default duration, here we set 60 minutes.


    Go to Bill of Materials, select Routing, on Cost Preview tab, click Refresh Cost, and the cost will be displayed. Before we set hourly cost component is 50 and duration is 60 minutes, so the total cost is 50 x 60= 3000