Production Management from List View

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Provides Actions on the list view in order to manage several production at the same time

Version: V13

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Odoo proposes the full MRP management from the for
Cluedoo proposes as an alternative to manage production from the list view, with 1/ button directly in the list view for making actions with a general overview and without losing time on opening form view and 2/ action on a multi-selection in order to proceed several productions (i.e. production order, manufacturing order or work order) at the same time.

Click saver module. In 3 clicks, you can validate 80 orders (or more) when you need 240 clicks (open form view - validate - go back on list view) in Odoo standard.

To be installed on 100% of the database because it gives you more flexibility without removing any feature of Odoo standard.



Extend MRP View

Add Check Availability Button, Produce Button, Create Workorders Button, BOM Type

Multi Check Manufacturing Order

Multi Cancel Manufacturing Order


Check Availability
On list view, we have Check Availability button.
Click that button and Material Availability of MO changes from Waiting to Available

Produce Button

This button has function to produce manufacturing order without work orders from list view.



It shows the Produce wizard, if everything seems okay, click Save.

Mark as done and Post Inventory button
Back to list view, we have Mark as done and Post Inventory button
After clicking Mark as done  and Post Inventory button, the state change to Done.

Mark as To do and Cancel Button
In list view, we also have Mark as to do and Cancel button
Mark as to do button will show if only the status is Draft and Cancel button will show when the status is not done.
Work Centers

Users can only access work centers that is set for them.

WO Ready and WO In Progress Button

In Manufacturing Dashboard, by clicking WO Ready button, it will filter the work order that is ready and by Clicking WO In Progress, it will filter the work order that is on progress..

BOM Type
On Master Data, Bill of Materials list view, we have BoM Type field

Multi Cancel
Go to Manufacturing → Operations → Manufacturing Orders. On list view, we can select some manufacturing orders to cancel. Click Action → Cancel MRP