Production Order Management

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Version: V12
Environment: Enterprise

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    Odoo behavior

    Odoo proposes to manage production with 2 levels: manufacturing order, driven by the BOM, and workorders, driven by the routing.

    cluedoo BEHAVIOR

    Cluedoo add an extra level: production order driven by the BOM structure.

    The production manager can:

    • Decide the quantity of finished product to be produced, based on the quantity to transfer (request from sales or from stock), the quantity on stock (available and reserved), the scrap % of the finished product.

    • Fixed the planning for the finished product, which is often the macroplanning of the workshop.

    • Have a general view on all the related manufacturing orders, sub-manufacturing orders, workorders and easily adjust the quantity to produce at each level.

    • Follow-up the advancement of each production step in order to control the production of the finished product and so the deadlines.

    • Print a general Production Order Report with the production order number, all the manufacturing orders and when configured all the related drawings.

    module +

    Production order is the entry point in the MRP, and the communication between other departments and production department. Then other menu, like manufacturing orders and workorders, are pure production menu, without link to other department other than the inventory.

    For companies based on make to order process, the related module "MRP Sales Link" improves the communication between sales department and production department. 

    cluedoo recommendation

    Installed on 100% of MRP project of Cluedoo.


    Create production order

    Create manufacturing order

    Create automatically Sub Manufacturing Orders



    On Manufacturing, we have Production Order. We also can assign date for production order


    Beside manufacturing order, production order also records Sub Manufacturing Order


    It also records sub work order and its sub work order