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    Define the work order which is consuming the components

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    Odoo considers that the components are consumed when the related manufacturing order is finished. This assumption implies a gap between the theoritical stock, with all the quantity in the workshop and the real stock, with components already going out of the stock and in the virtual location Production.
    Cluedoo gives the possibility to decide at which step of the prooduction the components will be consumed in order for the related stock moves to be validated when it's effectively consumed in the workshop.
    MODULE +
    This module ensures that theoretical stock corresponds to real stock.

    Cluedoo recommends installation of this module when you consume goods at the beginning of the production, which is classic situation.

    Tips: in your stock valuation, you need to valuate all the manufacturing order in progress, ie where the components are consumed but the finished products are still not produced. 

    Cluedoo Set "Production Order Management" proposes a lot of features to give more options to the production manager in the workshop organization. If you are interested in this module, Cluedoo recommends you to check all the modules of this Cluedoo Set.