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    Adds the possibility to create a Product variant manually after setting attribute values for Product

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    This feature creates product variant manually by creating attributes and attributes value and displays automatically description for each product from product variant description. 

    Our Features as Solution

    Create Product Variants

    Display Product Variants description

    How To Do

                Create Products, input attribute and attribute values then click   CREATE VARIANTS button
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                Click tab Variants
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                This is product variant with attribute values white and black
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                On Attributes, we can see Variants Line description
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                On Product Variants > General Information tab, we can check the    Attribute, Original Product, and Value of the product variant
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                You can edit Product Description, Client Reference, Pcs per unit.    These informations will be shown when you create a sale order
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                And now let's see how it works. You can see the information of    Product Description, Client Ref., and Pcs per Unit of the product    variant when choose product in creating a sale order
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