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Version: V12
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Story behind the feature

odoo behavior

Odoo Standard process is Opportunity --> Quotation --> Sales Order --> Project.

So, the project is created automatically at the quotation validation.

cluedoo behavior

 You need often to begin a project from the opportunity itself (the complexity of the opportunity requires the intervention of the project team, and you want to track the hours spent on this opportunity from the pre-sales phases etc.)

So, instead of fixing the project creation at the contract signature (meaning at the quotation validation), we give the sales people the possibility to create projects whenever he considers that it's relevant regarding the opportunity.

Once the project is created, you can associate tasks, record hours and your future quotation/sales orders will be related to this project.

module +

This module gives more flexibility for the collaboration between sales department and project department. It becomes a must for big project with important pre-sales phases.


I'm selected for a call to tender for an Odoo Integration. By reading the bill of specification, the pre-sales phasis will consume between 100h and 200h of technical and functional consultant. So it's a key point to track these hours.

My salesperson has to create a project from the beginning, then work with the functional project manager to study the book of specification, create related tasks and ask everybody to properly record the hours spent on this project in pre-sales phasis

cluedoo recommendation

This module installation depends on your internal process. It's very convenient when you emphasize pre-sales phasis of your projects.

Our feature as solution

Create project from opportunity

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