Customer form on Opportunities

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    Story behind the feature

    odoo behavior

    In Odoo Standard, the opportunity is an open object without an easy way to pre-defined the sales speech of your sales team.

    cluedoo behavior

    When you contact a prospect, you need to ask a list of questions to better understand customer needs and so qualify opportunities.

    Pre-defined questions on opportunities help your salesteam to keep in mind all the key questions, select pre-defined answers and record notes and specific answers.


    module +

    Easy to configure and so to support salesteam by providing key questions and expected answers. A good support for sales teams.


    cluedoo recommendation

    To be installed on your CRM if your sales speech is following a general list of questions or if you need to get mandatory answers from your customer.


    Our feature as solution

    Provide questions and answers for opportunities

    How to use this module ? 


    On CRM > Configuration, we have Question / Answer menu


    On CRM question form view, we can set also the answer.


    On Pipeline form view, Internal Notes tab, it provides the table to put the question, answer, and custom answer