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    Give the credit limit information and allowed due date to each partner / Allow salesman to avoid making transaction with bad partners

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    Odoo does not propose debtor risk management. There is no easy way to impose credit limit and customer block

    Cluedoo provides a method to put an automatic risk level based on configurable conditions (2 dimensions: amount of open invoices and delay time on open invoices) and display the credit position directly in the debtor follow-up in order to focus on the risky debtors.

    Predefined risk analysis to focus on the most risky customers.
    Give the possibility to manage both credit limit (for factoring or risk exposure) and bad debtors.

    cluedoo recommendation

    - To be installed on 100% of our customer databases.

    - Default recommended configuration: we recommend to put value and date for all your customers, with a high amount in credit limit and the average delay in allowed aged. It gives a good departure point to launch the module. Then, each time you have issue with this customer, it will be easy to adjust the cursor and decrease the credit limit if you think your exposure is too high or decrease the allowed aged is this customer is not respecting the due date.

    - Allowed aged: to be used on all the customers in order for salespeople to get the information that there is some issue with a customer.

    - Credit limit: more advanced feature but give the possibility to manage factoring and ensure the bank requirements respect and/or to internally manage the risk exposure with each customer



    Give the credit limit information and allowed due to each partners to avoid making transaction with bad credit partners


    View list of partners with their debt positions in a separated view under Accounting/Sales menu


    Step 1

    Go to Sales → Orders → Customers – create new customers, go to Sales & Purchases tab. Input credit limit.

    Step 2

    If sale restriction is value and delay on overdue, fill in the amount for the credit limit and choose the block level position.

    Step 3

    If the sales are more than the credit limit amount or there are some invoices that have not been paid in the block level position, it will automatically send for approval. The stage will be ‘Wait Approval’.


    Step 4

    Go to customer debtor follow up.