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Version: V12
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Story behind the features

odoo behavior

Odoo proposes extra analytic dimension with analytic tag, which give flexibility to track in different dimension all the records.


Cluedoo improves the usability of analytic tags with a feature "Apply to line", in order to propagate on all the lines of an order/invoice the analytic tags and avoid a line by line record.

Cluedoo enforces the use of analytic tag by adding on all the object in order to be able to tag 100% of the journal items, including provision for instance.

module +

This module allows you to track analytic tags on 100% of the revenue and cost.


Assume you create analytic tags to track several business units.

Case 1: you have invoices for 40 lines related to one business unit. With the feature apply to line, you just need 1 click to propagate your business unit on all the lines.

Case 2: you want to make a provision for a business unit cost. You can give analytic tag on journal entry.

cluedoo recommendation

To be installed on all the databases using the notion of analytic account tag.

Our features as solution

Add analytic tags feature in several parent objects
(i.e. Invoice, Journal, Bank Statement)
and automatically apply to order lines

How to use this module ?


Go to Accounting > Configuration > Setting – Checklist ‘Analytic Accounting’ and ‘Analytic Tags’.

(Odoo Standard)


Create new customer invoices, fill in the analytics tag and click ‘Apply to line’. It will automatically add the analytics tag in order lines.

(Cluedoo features)


In the list view, it will show Analytic Tags.
You can also automatically apply Analytic Tags for order lines for vendor bills, bank statements, journal entries. 

(Cluedoo features)