Account Period Lock

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Give the possibility to lock the period based on timeframe (e.g. each month) and based on access right (e.g. accountant, adviser, etc.)

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Odoo Standard proposes only 1 date to lock the accounting entries, which is quite restrictive, especially at the end of the fiscal year.


Cluedoo gives the possibility to split your fiscal year in different period and to give independent lock dates for each period according to access rights (accountant, adviser and with some extra option, employee for timesheet and expense).


When the adviser and/or the accountant needs to review some entries in one specific period, like December for the closing, he/she only has to open the related period and so does not take the risk to modify anything in other closed periods.


If your fiscal year finish on 31/12, you will certainly work on it up to April in order to prepare the audit but you will already have to close the current year (january, february, march) each 10 of the next months to be sure daily records are properly done.

Installation: install 100% of the database.
Recommendation: to be installed as soon as you have an accounting department with more than 1 user.


Create Periods Lock

You can create monthly period or 3 months period then you also have the list of periods


1 - Adviser

On Periods Lock menu, create the period lock, select start date and end date, then choose if you want to create per month period then click Create Monthly Periods or you want to create per 3 month period then click Create 3 Months Periods, after that the periods lock lines are created automatically.

For example here, we set: Start Date: 01/01/2019; End Date: 12/31/2019; Lock Gap Days Non-Adviser: 5; Lock Gap Days Advisor: 10.

2 - Adviser

On Periods menu, the list of periods is automatically created per month.

3 - Adviser, Billing

Now we try to make a customer invoice with non-adviser user (e.g. Billing). Let’s say today is 10/22/2019. On the periods, non-adviser locking date is 04/05/2019 for periods 03/01/2019 - 04/01/2019. So when we create a customer invoice with invoice date is 03/31/2019, user Billing will not be able to validate the invoice because the date today is over non-advisor locking date. Then you will see a warning “You cannot add/modify entries prior to and inclusive of the lock date 2019-04-05….” when clicking Validate.

4 - Adviser

With user Adviser, let’s see how it works. Still, today is 10/22/2019 and on the periods, Adviser Locking Date is 08/10/2019 for periods 07/01/2019 - 07/31/2019. So when we create a customer invoice with invoice date is 07/31/2019, user Adviser still cannot validate the invoice because today (10/22/2018) is still before adviser locking date.