Odoo Standard: for each master data dimension, Odoo proposes an analytic approach by adding this dimension in the general ledger: Project, Product, Partner are fully independant dimension of the general ledger with possibility to make any report on these dimensions like a filtered P&L. However, Odooe does not propose any tracking of journal items by tangible assets.

Comment: the notion of tangible asset is relevant only with a context. To define it in an easy way, each time the answer of Odoo to track analytic is "make a filter on description", Cluedoo considers that it's not robust enough and proposes to push the tracking on tangible asset dimensions:

- For financial asset, instead of having only tracking via description, the financial asset is put on tangible asset dimension.

- For renting, instead of having the serial number only on description, the serial number is given on tangible asset dimensions.

And these business cases are extended to other fields not covered by Odoo Standard (tangible asset from project, tangible asset from loan).

Cluedoo Approach: Cluedoo introduces an extra analytic dimension with the notion of Operational Tangible Asset and propose a lot of extension to this object.

Operational tangible asset associates any operation in Odoo to am tangible asset in order to track all the sales, purchase, margin,... you are doing on a specific serial number, in an equivalent way that you are tracking project margin with classic project number/analytic account.

Examples of application:

Tangible asset with Serial Number as source:

By creating tangible asset from inventory serial number with one to one link to this source serial number, you can track the cost and revenue of the serial number during its whole life.


Renting business needs to track serial number on the rental orders but also to track all the costs related to each machine (printer, scooter, car,...) like maintenance costs in order to have the margin per serial number.

Odoo proposes just to make a tracking of serial number with agenda, which gives possibility to know where are the goods but does not give any idea about the performance of each one (margin - P&L - related maintenance costs - ...). 

Home appliance market is moving from selling appliances (one shot) to recurring sales and so to a full serial number life management. Company have to track for each serial number, when re-order for consumable can be proposed and how many recurrent orders of consumable you are doing, when maintenance can be proposed and how many services interventions were sold, ... 

Tangible asset with Project as source:

From project, 

By creating a tangible asset from a project, you can track all the moves related to this tangible asset during his whole life.

Tangible asset with financial asset as source: 

In accounting apps, by linked financial asset to a tangible asset (one 2 one link), you can group by asset and track the whole life of your asset.

In the same area, and with the Cluedoo loan management, you can track the loan cost and capital via tangible asset.

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Introduce Analytic Serial Number is a fundamental change in the way to manage analytic dimensions. If your business is serial number oriented, analytic serial number can be the key of your integration, with an use as easy as project. 

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