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Serial Number is a key concept in a lot of business.

Odoo Standard: Odoo proposes to manage Serial number from a stock point of view only with a target of traceability. It's a departure point, with advantage to give the object and the stock management of this object, but it does not cover an extended approach of serial number management and it does not cover the Analytic Serial Number.

Cluedoo Approach: Cluedoo considers that in a lot of business, Serial Number should be a part of the Master Data at the equivalent level than Product or Partner, when the global definition of the product is not enough but you need to follow-up the life of each of the products. 

Once, Serial Number is defined as part of the master data, Serial Number Management is naturally done via 2 extensions:

- A horizontal object selectable in any apps in Odoo, as product or partner: Cluedoo extends Odoo Serial Number Engine proposed on rental orders, repair orders and stock moves to all other objects potentially related to Serial Number: sales order, purchase order, manufacturing order, production order, stock and landing cost, and ensure the good transfer of information on this master data from one apps to another.

Examples: as for rental orders, you do not define the Product, but you define the specific product, ie the serial number, you will work on. You sell to your customer the serial Number ABC, then you produce it,...

- An analytic approach: Cluedoo introduces the notion of Analytic Serial Number, which associates any operation in Odoo to a serial number in order to track all the sales, purchase, margin,... you are doing on a specific serial number, in an equivalent way that you are tracking project margin with classic project number/analytic account.


Renting business needs to track serial number on the rental orders but also to track all the costs related to each machine (printer, scooter, car,...) like maintenance costs in order to have the margin per serial number.

Home appliance market is moving from selling appliances (one shot) to recurring sales and so to a full serial number life management. Company have to track for each serial number, when re-order for consumable can be proposed and how many recurrent orders of consumable you are doing, when maintenance can be proposed and how many services interventions were sold, ... 

Cluedoo Point of View:

Introduce Serial Number as master data with an extension of its use is an extension of Odoo standard modules. A must but not a fundamental change in the approach.

Introduce Analytic Serial Number is a fundamental change in the way to manage analytic dimensions. If your business is serial number oriented, analytic serial number can be the key of your integration, with an use as easy as project. 

Serial Number Process

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Define a process with different steps on your serial numbers in order to track them: draft - confirmed - closed.

Finished Product PO Sticker Printing

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Standard Sticker Printer Format for printing Lot Number

Lot/Serial Number Sticker

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Print the sticker for finished products to be delivered out with serial number.