About Cluedoo


Why Cluedoo ?

When it comes to ERP integrations, all the actors (software editors, integrators, customers) share a common wish to use standard features as much as possible to keep the solution maintainable on the long run without dedicated staff to manage specific development.

However, each actor have a different perspective on what should be considered a standard set of feature. Software editors cannot allow to dig deep into specific business issues as they must focus on the evolution of the product over time, in order to capture future customers and propose a scalable tool.  Though, the end customer priorities are to solve its own integration problem on a specific version with their issues at hand.

Priorities and time scales between publisher and end customer are too far apart.
Cluedoo aims to solve this equation by adding a set of modules acting as a business-generic layer sitting on top of Odoo community and enterprise editions.

Our licensing solution allows customers to suggest their business-specific needs which we compare with similar industries to extract a standard blueprint from it. These modules, once generalized, are added to the Cluedoo library.

Odoo Community: transparency and large community

Open-source core of Odoo which is audited in full-transparency.

An active community of contributors, partners and 4M+ users worlwide. 

Odoo Enterprise: disrupting traditional ERP paradigm

Modular approach with dedicated apps for each department and extendable through a vibrant marketplace.
Product-oriented in order to provide new features such as OCR, document management, IoT, Studio.

Cluedoo by Falinwa: business-oriented applications

Existing Cluedoo: a suite of 150 modules customer-oriented.
Cluedoo New: your needs become our roadmap for new modules, with an in-depth design and comparison process accross industries.

Odoo Studio: the magic wand for polishing

Odoo Studio allows customers to customize views, actions, data models and fields very simply (drag/drop) which is the perfect tool for finishing.
It enables you to shape the system as your team expects.

The team: Falinwa Group

Cluedoo modules are maintained by Falinwa Group, an international team of organization consultants, system architects, developers, accountants and financial experts. We have offices in France, China and Indonesia.

We are Odoo Gold partners in both China and Indonesia, as we deploy ERP systems for customers worldwide and across multiple industries. Our experience enables us to extract business-specific specifications and implement them in Cluedoo modules.